Half-Height M.2 NVMe RAID Solutions

HighPoint manufactures several half-height (low-Profile) NVMe AIC RAID drives for both PCIe Gen3 and Gen4 platforms. These terms refer to the form factor of the controller PCB (the physical height).

As the name suggests, half-height PCIe controllers are approximately ½ the height of a standard PCIe card (determined by the standard PCIe bracket height of 4.70 inches). Half-height PCIe cards can be no taller than 2.5 inches.

Half-height NVMe RAID AICs (Add-in-Cards) are ideal for compact desktops, mini-PCs and many factory made workstation platforms, which may have unique clearances. Some platforms, such as those built around 1U and 2U rackmount chassis, require low-profile PCIe devices (and they must often be paired with a riser card).

PCIe Gen3 Half-Height NVMe RAID Solutions

FnL BRD6202 Series (Bootable & Driverless) FnL SRD6202 Series (Driverless)

FnL SRD7202 Series

PCIe Gen4 Half-Height NVMe RAID Solutions

FnL BRD7502 Series (Bootable, High-Performance) FnL SRD7502 Series (High Performance)

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