FnL launches BRD6200 'A' Series NVMe AIC RAID Drives

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

The FnL BRD6200 Drive series has been upgraded with new AIC designs. Now designated as the “BRD6200A” series, each of the new RAID drive models sport enterprise-class features designed for Industrial and Server Applications, and will soon be available with up to 15.63TB of pre-configured DC-Class M.2 NVMe storage.

The bracket side of each BRD6200A AIC drive series drive now features a row of LED indicators and an external port that accepts USB-C monitors.

OOB (out of band) RAID Management – BRD6200A Series NVMe AIC drives feature an OOB port (accepts USB Type-C monitor connections) and a built-in CLI (command line utility) which allows users to manage and monitor RAID storage without an operating system.

OOB is a handy troubleshooting tool for professional applications, as it allows administrators to examine and diagnose the status of a RAID configuration or NVMe SSD while the host system is unresponsive.

Status LEDs - BRD6200A series AIC drives now provide a series of LEDs, which enable administrators to quickly determine the status of the NVMe SSDs, RAID array, and PCIe host connection.

DC Class AIC RAID Storage Solutions

BRD6200A series AIC drives will soon be available with DC-Class NVMe SSDs. DC-Class BRD6200A RAID drives are ideal for applications designed to run for extended periods of time, such as cloud storage servers, hardware virtualization platforms, databases, and security systems.

DC-Class AIC drives sport Enterprise class features at an entry level price point. For starters, the DWPD (disk writes per day) ratings are considerably longer (400% or more). This allows DC-Class RAID storage to accommodate applications designed to handle 24-7-365 operational schedules.

In addition, DC-class AIC RAID drives benefit from a robust PLP (power loss protection) system. DC Class NVMe media include specialized capacitors that can be used to flush in-transit data (data still stored in the cache) to permanent storage in the case of a power outage.

BRD6200ADC drives will begin shipping on August 27th.

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