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FnL Warranty & Return Services


Financial Data:

FnL AIC Drives are built to a standard, not a price point, and have been extensively tested in real-world environments to ensure they meet or exceed the official specifications.  


Every FnL AIC drive is backed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty* and free, lifetime technical support.


HighPoint Technologies, Inc. will accept return requests for an FnL AIC Drive within 7 days of the original purchase invoice date. Such returns are subject to a restocking fee, and customers will have to cover the cost of the return shipment;  

Unshipped order Cancellation Fee: 4.9%

Unused (new) condition: 15% (+ shipping fees)

Used condition: 25% (+ shipping fees)

Return requests submitted after this 7 day period must abide our standard RMA & Warranty policies.

Important: Please note, to qualify for a refund, the product must be returned in its original condition within 7 days of date indicated on the purchase invoice. Product returns that are missing items may be subject to additional restocking fees.  


Refund requests for returns that have been damaged, modified, or exhibit signs of heavy use will be denied, and the items(s) will be returned to the shipper as received.  


If an incorrect Item was received: If the product received does not correspond with the purchase invoice, please contact us as soon as possible and describe the discrepancy. Please do not unseal the packaging or attempt to use an incorrectly shipped item – doing so will void the return the request.

This optional service allows customers to return HighPoint products for testing purposes, upon referral from a Support Representative, to determine if the unit in question requires repair or replacement. Typically, tests take between 3-10 working days.

The Limited warranty may be impacted by the FnL AIC drives’ current TBW rating. NVMe SSD’s that have exceeded their TBW /DWPD thresholds due to standard operation are not device failures  – this is the expected outcome of normal wear-and-tear; the drives are operating within their manufacturer’s stated specifications and must be replaced by the customer/end-customer. Drives in such a state are not covered by our Warranty Policy.

FnL AIC Drive Return & Refund Policy:

Return & Cancellation Fees:


Standard Hardware Replacement (RMA):

*FnL Warranty (DWPD / TBW Policy)